The Philosophy

Jovial Business Solutions, LLC was founded on the principle of the “Experience”. All interactions within an organization combine themselves into an overarching total experience for the patron. In all of our services, the core of what we do anchors on the experience that it will generate. It is our Why. With our Why, we produce the What through the How and wrap it together utilizing the Who, the employee.

With this comes the realization and additional emphasis placed on the demonstrated belief that the front-line employee directly affects the bottom line of the business. For any system within an organization to reach success, the design and implementation of that system cannot be a top down, nor a bottom up process, but instead should be viewed as a holistic cultural venture. 

Our Story

Founder, Jules Breaux has been in the hospitality industry for his entire career. With his beginnings taking place in a small locally owned restaurant in Abbeville, La. where he served as a busboy. In this role, Jules noticed things within the restaurant that could be improved on to make the experience better. After voicing his observations to the management, adjustments were made to the operations which resulted in greater customer and employee satisfaction. This was thespark that brought about the flame within him to make a difference in whatever environment that he found himself him. Over the next 14 years, Jules would strive to make every operation that he would be a part of function optimally. At the root of every decision was the solid foundation based on the experience of the customer that was to be served.

In 2018, Jovial Business Solutions was formed in an unofficial capacity when a college friend reached out for some assistance writing a business plan for a second location. Oh, and she needed it within 72 hours. Jules was able to successfully put together the plan and the owner of the business was able to secure funding within 48 hours of the submission of the plan.

Later, clients would request various different projects from Jules. These projects are what fanned the flame and illuminated the vision that has turned into the creation of the three main services offered by Jovial: Experiential Modeling, Business Development, and Operational Coaching.

Meet the Team

Jules S. Breaux, MBA

Founder & CEO

Jules is the founder and CEO of Jovial Business Solutions, bringing more than 17 years of “the Experience” out of the operations world and into the world of consulting.

His career progression has been rapid, and his success has been centered on proven results through the efficient and effective execution of operational and sales strategies, the ability to negotiate successfully with key stakeholders and business partners for the appropriate allocation and leveraging of available resources. The ability to build and sustain strong relationships is paramount in the world, and Jules has the demonstrated skills to be successful in this area.

Over the past seventeen years, Jules has gained priceless transferable experiences in a variety of businesses including most recently in the area of higher education housing, property management within hotels, special events venues, and restaurants. He is a self-motivated, visionary leader who is driven by analytically measurable results. An optimistic, high energy, professional who is dedicated and committed to excellence in all aspects of his career, and life.

Innovation and organizational changes for smarter workflow processes, client acquisition and retention and sales that result in sustainable growth are areas of expertise that Jules takes great pride in.

Jules has a deep passion for helping people. This is especially evident through the impact that his role as a consultant and coach can have on the success of those lives he has the opportunity to be a part of.

Jules has presented at several global conferences in the higher education and hospitality markets.

Jules holds a BS in Business Administration with a major in Hospitality Management and an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Moody College of Business Administration.

Claudia Benoit

Business Development Intern

My name is Claudia Benoit, and I am honored to be joining the Jovial Business Solutions team as an intern. I am a senior psychology student, minoring in business, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am excited to use the valuable information I have learned to help businesses in my community grow and light their spark. I look forward to embracing the culture of this organization. The company’s values of passion and service along with the stride for always standing out of the crowd inspires my daily motivation. I cannot wait to help light the way for businesses just like you!

Next Steps…

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